Names in Trigedasleng are rendered phonetically, or 'sounded out', based on the system above. Here are a few examples from the show:

Bellamy Octavia Clarke Lincoln Lexa Gustus Nyko
Belomi Okteivia Klark* Linkon Leksa Gostos Naikou
* Peterson originally transcribed Clarke's name as Klok, but later corrected the spelling to Klark.

Note that names are not translated into Trigedasleng, only transcribed.

Surnames are also transcribed in Trigedasleng, and are handled as a second given name. For example, "Clarke Griffin of the Sky People" is Klark Grifin kom Skaikru and not, say, Klark kom Grifinkru.

When writing in Trigedasleng, it is the author/speaker's decision whether to use respelled names or to use Modern English spellings. Because of Trigedasleng's descent from American English and the romanization system devised for the language, many names are spelled identically or nearly-identically either way.