There are a limited number of prepositions in Trigedasleng, so each one has many different meanings that are context-dependent.

  • gon: for, on, to, at, against, towards, because of, upon...
    • yumi na throu daun gon emo "you and I will fight aganst them"
    • stedaun gon Skaikru! "death to Sky People!"
    • ai don fis em op gon heda "I healed him for the commander"
    • ufnes gon homplei "strength for a hunt"
  • raun: (locative) near, around, in, next to; shares origins and meaning with satellite raun
    • raun faya, oso wada klin... "in fire, we cleanse..."
    • oso na gon emo op raun stegeda "we will fight them near/in the village"
  • ona: (locative) on, under, into
    • em don gyon au ona Maun-de "he went into Mount Weather"
    • em laik ona tri "it is on the tree"
  • kom: from, of, with; often indicates belonging or possession
    • em don slip daun kom skai "he fell from the sky"
    • Indra kom trigeda "Indra of the forest"
    • kom disha kru "with these people"
  • hashta: about, regarding; narrow usage
    • mochof hashta yu prom "thank you for your question"
    • em don tel osir op hashta kongeda-de "he told us about the Alliance"