Pronunciation & Writing

Trigedasleng doesn't have its own writing system. The bits of writing that have survived the last 97 years are incomplete and have probably been passed down from warrior to warrior along with English. The writers of The 100 asked Peterson to use a simplified spelling system for the scripts, instead of using more English-like spelling rules. The table below illustrates this simplified system.

VowelSounds LikeEnglish Name
A, a*appleshort A
Ai, aiicelong I
E, egetshort E
Ei, eifacelong A
I, imeet OR kidlong E / short I
O, olaw OR sonshort O / short U
Ou, ouwrotelong O
U, urudelong U
* A, a (end of word)sofaschwa
Au, au (diphthongized)loud"ow"
ConsonantSounds LikeConsonantSounds Like
B, bballP, ppull
Ch, chchairR, rradio
D, ddaftS, sseven
F, ffireSh, shshine
G, ggood (not giraffe)T, ttalk
H, hhelloTh, ththink (not these)
J, jjuiceV, vviking
K, kkickW, wwater
L, llimeY, yyellow
M, mmadeZ, zzipper
N, nneed

Trigedasleng does not use the letters C, Q, or X.